An Insight

“Verba volant, scripta manent.” – Spoken words fly away, written words remain.

Why have I created this blog?

I do not really know. There are so many things that we all come across everyday and somewhere, we all mould our thoughts about those. I wanted a platform to speak my thoughts.

Yes, my thoughts. Messy, wild, untamed. Thoughts that can make a difference. Thoughts that can change perspective. Thoughts that may not do that, but may bring to you an insight of how I as a writer process stuff, although I am not that of an interesting creature.

Inked Musings is a space for all. For me, for you. Because writers are normal people like you and me. Or abnormal? And when you think you can spill the ink into something worth it, Inked Musings is here to help you through.

Head up, hold on, the sun is gonna shine someday. 🙂



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