Being Middle Class


So I was insanely stuck in my examinations until the last week because duh, BOARDS. I mean to ask what is this? How can you conduct five papers over a time span of about a month? Phew, anyway. I’m now done with it and although I swore that I won’t write anything before the 8th April, here what you see is partly (mostly) written before that deadline because: 1- my writing ache couldn’t sustain itself any longer, 2- I felt it was more productive to write something instead of only staring at walls during studies. Okay so a thing – my opinions are mine, solely mine, unaffiliated to anyone else. Nobody gave these thoughts to me, so nobody except myself is responsible for them. Simple thing. Also, I write all these as satires or a lighthearted articles, not to be taken seriously or personally.

I am a next door teenager, weird nerd and clumsy girl – a girl with huge, high and shining dreams. But, I happen to be a girl from the much confusing middle class. Middle class – a habit that you once gain, you never lose. What’s it like to be middle class? First off, it isn’t bad. Certainly problematic for people like me, but not bad. And I don’t loathe being middle class; I just lament the restrictions. Middle class people have these strict codes that everyone – every child knows. It is systematically trained into you. Let me tell you what being middle-class looks from my side:

Shopping is a very exquisite affair. I mean for oneself. It usually means a war. “We bought that a while ago…” “That was five months ago, mom.” First rule of being middle class is – party wear clothes become daily wear become night wear become holi wear become rags for cleaning. That’s the transition of clothes. When you’re at a supermarket, and say for example, you’re buying coffee, and there’s (obviously) three brands of it. You’re gonna have to compare all three of them like an economist until you choose one with the most grams of coffee, the lowest price and the flavor…never mind the flavor. Internet connectivity is another exquisite entity. You can’t expect 24×7 WiFi connectivity, and if you spend most of your time in home and/or classes, you won’t get a mobile data plan in your phone. You can hear those not too silent sighs of your family when you’re on the phone because when you study, nobody looks, but when you touch the phone…you’re doomed. Yeah, totally. It doesn’t matter if you’re Einstein or something. You. Need. To. Study. Minus. The. Phone. Bruh.

You’ll always struggle to find stuff in your home. Be it a pair of scissors or your books or your phone and – the most, most, most annoying if you’re defective in your eyes – spectacles. It’s so irritating because you need your freaking spectacles to find out your spectacles! :\ You have no other option but help your mom in everyday stuff, which is quite fine and good. But the problem is when you don’t like that bit at all. Yes, I’m a girl and I shamefully admit that I do not like household works. This should freak more than half the population of India out. But, trust me when I put myself to it, I make only magic. Exaggeration, but I am always a success. Almost to perfection. Cooking, cleaning, whatever. You have to deal with guests. A lot of them. And you’ll never get the hang of it in your entire freaking life. You’ll end up making a Spectacle – yeah, with a capital S – in front of them. The Fault In Our Stars indeed that can’t stop us from making errors. Over and over. You really don’t have more space to stuff your possessions. It’s always not enough. Your clothes will be creased. Your small things buried beneath bigger ones buried beneath even bigger ones. There are a lot of makeshift things in the house. A lot of reusing of things. Cartons, polythene bags, plastic bottles…everything has a use beyond what you see. There’s that one chair too that holds those clothes that are too dirty for the wardrobe and too clean for washing machine. And it’s always loaded, okay, it’s overloaded. Always. Also, you see a crazy amount of dust on every single object you can imagine in your home. Now, the home. Home is at a place where people are still in the 19th or 20th century. You can’t go out in shorts. You can’t wear a dress. (Oh. Mistake. Not only the people around the home, it’s again half the population.) There’s a limit to everything – be it makeup or books. You don’t get to click a lot of beautiful and mind-blowing selfies either. Because (half of the time) background. You clean up the house in the morning, and by the time night falls, it’s like a tornado hit it. You have to do the entire process again. You can find unexpected things at unexpected places. Your wristwatch may be in the sofa, the remote control for the TV on the refrigerator…stuffs like that. There’s a fixed place to everything – decided by mom, followed by all. ^o^

There are so many little things, so many, that this rant can go on and on forever. But, being middle class means satisfaction in little. Yes, I desire more. More freedom, less restrictions, but I’ve been taught to not waste resources – be it water or money. I’ve been taught to work hard to savor the taste of success by achieving more comfort. I’ve been motivated. I’ve been fascinated. I’ve been lucky too, to be not below the line. I’m happy, sometimes, yes it drives me insane and I become selfish too, but at the end of the day…this is who I am. Satiated by what I have been given, but never satisfied with what I can give myself. And maybe that’s what life is all about. 🙂

QOTD: Why not become the best you can be, and not the best of someone else? That someone is taken already, darling.

Today’s Song – Aaja by NUCLEYA ft. Avneet Khurmi & Guri Gangsta



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