Headaches, Paris/London, 13 Reasons Why, and Charles Bukowski.

Nope. I am completely sane (or I am not?). And that’s a title that I’ve given in full consciousness & technical sanity.

How are y’all doing? Good? I’ve got good news – I can sleep well now. Yep, the thoughts are on their usual work but I get extremely exhausted due to my sick schedule. Ouch. Poor thoughts. Also, days have been going good. There’s going to be this standup comedy show in my city and I got the freaking passes to it! It’s featuring very, very, very cool comics. So I’m very happy. Hope this actually lasts. I mean to say that life has this hierarchy – mine really does – that when I’m sad, I have to deal to with a lot of it suddenly. And then when I’m happy, it’s insane that it lasts a few hours at most. Sick. Although I noticed this too – I haven’t written anything in a long time. As stated earlier, I have a lot of thoughts but they’re so diffused that they are of no apparent significance when put together. But I of course note ’em all down so that I could just go to them, per my need. Trust me, it’s very crowded in my note application in my phone. 😛

Now: Headaches, Paris/London, 13 Reasons Why & Charles Bukowski.

What you see above are my current obsessions (although headache is technically my body’s obsession). I am going to give you a hypothesis of each one. One by one. Ha. You signed up for this. 😉


The most annoying ache in this world is the ache of the head. And I have been having a lot of them lately. Why? Exhaustion and lack of sleep. Also, stress. I have a lot stress, that although I keep telling myself not to take, but I do anyway. Like the results to an all-India poetry competition I entered. Which are coming 30th April 9 PM. I am nervous as heck. Annnyyywaaay. Headache. You know why it is annoying? Because – A) your nerves ache, B) you can’t really reach that throbbing pain, C) you can’t apply ointment in your hair, and of course, IT’S RIGHT THERE, D) pills to everything work instantly but not headaches’ because we want you to savor the pain (eyeroll), and E) You. Can’t. Sleep. With. A. Headache. That. You. Got. Because. Of. Not. Sleeping. Headache is like you’re SO COOL! Now die. :{ The also problem with me is that headache runs in my family. Of all the things, headaches. I mean why would heredity want to give me hell? But it has bestowed me with this absolutely cherished gift – that I thank it more than usual people for it. Bruh. Please understand the non-existent sarcasm. 😥

Headache – Yo, what up?

Me – Please. Not now. I am writing.

Headache – Seems interesting enough to make you stop it.

Me – NO.

Headache – Haha, I hear a yes. Right in your hair. Amazing nerves.


Headache – Go rant about me. We’ll do it together. BFFs.

Me – ………. (willingly cries to death)

T H E  E N D -_-



Yep. I completely agree. I, since childhood, have had two dream cities: Paris and London. I believe these two cities have the magic for making you what you want to be. They have the air to make you vanish. They’re as close to Wonderland. People say it is New York that can do it to you. I think, it’s just a matter of what you believe and whether you have the courage and heart to thrive on that magic. Magic is after all belief. London – it’s where I want to do my higher education. UG or PG maybe. And Paris? It’s where I want to get high on my dreams. They are two very important parts of my dreams. And…I kinda believe I am going to make it. I am going to make it there. I am going to live my dreams one day. :’)


Charles Bukowski was a German-born American poet, novelist, and short story writer. He was born in 1920 & died in 1994. I am, like many, obsessed with his words. If you do not know him, I really recommend you read his work. It’s beautiful at the least and soul-stirring at the most. Finesse. Absolutely. I do wish that one day I could write like that. For the below photo, I had to choose between so many others. There is just no way I can term any one quote of his ‘favorite’. It would be wrong. Yep. Bukowski has written poetry as well as short stories – both to arch perfection. Admiration is the only thing I could offer such a writer as homage. People like him make the world a better place. If you wanna know more about Bukowksi, go here. This is the official website of Bukowski. Hope you like his works as much as I do. ❤Screenshot_20170427-220938



Okay. Last. OMFG no, I CANNOT BE CALM. Almost all of you have heard/read about this show and a lot of you have actually seen it. I love it. I mean it. Plain, and simple. No, I am not going to give you 13 reasons why I do. Some, yes. There are a lot of things I learned from TRW. Like every writer, I looked up ‘lessons from TRW’ as research. Halfway through scrolling the resultant Google page, I closed it. I am going to tell you why I loved it, personally.

  • Hannah Baker was absolutely brave. A bravery that I accept I don’t have, but would definitely like & try to acquire in my life.
  • Hannah, after everything, still believed that life could be given a chance. She walked up into that school after everything.
  • Hannah Baker did not try to extract revenge from anyone.
  • Hannah Baker did not stop helping people who came her way.
  • Time is important. Little things matter a lot.
  • Death is uncertain.
  • Parents always love you the most, whatever happens.
  • It is always good to help someone in whatever little way we can.
  • Kindness costs us nothing.
  • Clay Jensen showed that we need courage in life to embrace hurt. Feeling, and people both.
  • Good people aren’t always good.
  • Justin Foley told that there’s a lot of sides to a person’s life.
  • There’s no way you can know what happens in a person’s life from far away.
  • Being judgemental will cost us sooner or later.
  • What goes around, comes around.
  • There’s a lot of pain in this world.
  • We have to have each others’ back. Better.

And A) the entire cast to TRW is SUPERHOT, and B) THERE IS GOING TO BE SEASON 2! I recommend you to watch this show on Netflix nowwww.

With that, I am signing off. Enough of this rant Oh and yes – I am now a purple belt in karate! (=

Song of the day: Castle by Halsey

QOTD: Your soul is beautiful, darlin’, and you don’t need to change it for anyone.

-Ash x

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