Hearts Do Break Around Here


So I have two things to tell you that I came across. Both were writing contests as follows –

  1. What do you choose to be – poetry or poet?
  2. Use any artist’s song lyrics to form a story that aptly fits your life.

I didn’t write anything for any of them. The second one still allures me to write though: its deadline is far by a few hours. Maybe I’ll write something to enter the contest after all. But, I’ll write my answers here for my own satisfaction and peace on both the topics.

  1. I read a lot of comments in this category basically saying “I don’t want to be poetry, because then I’ll be a property of someone else”. I was utterly baffled. I have always (since I got around the concept of poetry) wanted to be poetry for one simple reason – poetry belongs to nobody. Poetry is just an emotion. Tears. Smiles. Laughter. Sorrow. Love. Hatred. Mock. Everything. It is not words. It is feelings. Poetry is so much more than ‘property’. You can write poetry, but you cannot own it – just like you can live life, but not master it. Poetry was, if, a person, it’d be a free soul. Here now, there the next moment. Like air – quintessential but can only be felt. Poetry is not about reading. It’s about feeling what you read. Anyone could appreciate the alliterations, metaphors, and all the stuff that (I bet) poets did not usually give a damn about, but the real thing – the real appreciation is when the reader feels the poem in his heart. So much that he remembers the words to it, and if he doesn’t he always comes back to it. The poem is successful when someone finds his soul in it for ever, but does not quite find it. You could say poetry is cruel. Of course words always are.
  2. Songs. Music. Lyrics. There are so many lines that I can use to describe my life. Basically, if I mashup all my favorite songs, it’d be my life because what I am is the same what you see in my playlist.
    “I don’t know where all of this is coming from” “I am fucked up, I am faded, I am so complicated, those things that I said they were so overrated but I meant it” “You’re just making sure I’m never getting over you” “I am a wanderess, I am a one-night stand, don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man” “Pain made me believer” “I was lightning before the thunder”…I can go on and on.
    “I am fucked up, I am faded, I am so complicated, those things that I said they were so overrated but I meant it” is my favorite. I am complicated. Apt.

Now let’s come back to the topic.

Heartbreak. Broken heart. We all have been there – sometimes for real and sometimes as exaggeration for sadness. But if we knew what it really is, we in our full consciousness would never use it as exaggeration. Why, you ask? Surprise, surprise. I present to you Broken Heart Syndrome or more scientifically speaking (I wanna sound geeky and cool) – Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Yes, it is real. Broken Heart Syndrome – BHS – is real af. By definition, let’s first go to broken heart. A broken heart is a term metaphor for the intense emotional – and sometimes physical – stress or pain at experiencing great longing. Simply speaking – BHS is the sudden weakening of muscular portion of heart due to emotional stress such as death of a loved one, a breakup, or constant anxiety. Complicated stuff – you can die from Broken Heart Syndrome. It is a scientific fact. How? Because of acute heart failure, lethal ventricular arrhythmias, and ventricular rupture. So, yeah. Good news is – BHS is curable (of course). Symptoms of BHS are chest pain (anigna) mainly, and shortness of breath. Also – there are ties between depression, mental health and heart diseases. So let’s also go through this. Physical symptoms of grief are –

  1. Exhaustion, muscle tightness or weakness, body pains, fidgety restlessness, lack of energy.
  2. Insomnia, sleeping too much, disturbing dreams.
  3. Loss of appetite, overeating, nausea, “hollow stomach”, indigestion, intestinal disorders like diarrhea, excessive weight gain or loss.
  4. Headaches, short of breath, chest pressure, tightness or heaviness in the throat.

You know what to do when you see someone going through this, right? I could go on about it. Telling you about PTSD, depression and their signs and symptoms, but the main cause of my writing this wasn’t to tell you about them. It’s a different thing that they exist and we don’t care about them but BHS is something that rarely any of us knows. It exists.

At the end it’s all about how we look out for each other, whether or not we have hearts big enough to not let anybody else’s break apart.

Song Of The Day: Trust Nobody by Cashmere Cat ft. Tory Lanez & Selena Gomez

QOTD: It is always going to be hard, you are becoming stronger.

Ash x


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