You Won’t Remember It

After a while when you walk through the park where you kissed for the first time, you won’t remember. You won’t remember how they held you. You won’t remember how hazy those eyes were. You won’t remember the hand that cupped your cheek. You won’t remember the laugh. You won’t remember the head tilt with it. You won’t remember the jokes that were cracked. You won’t remember the hug you shared – holding each other so tight like you were one and not two. You won’t remember your short walk home. You won’t remember the goodbye, and the wish for not saying it. You won’t remember the wishes that said more time together. You won’t remember the ‘I love you’s. You won’t remember the texts that you read together foolishly or the words that floated in the air that fateful day. You won’t remember how your breath synced with theirs and how you saw feelings – eccentric & irrevocable seemingly that time – like ice over red wine. You won’t remember the design of stars that adorned the dark sky like the love that lit up your heart in a way you thought nothing ever would. You won’t remember the outfit you wore. I can’t say you will forget everything but perhaps one day when you walk through the same park, you won’t see it playing right in front of your eyes like it did before. You won’t stop a feet before the place. You won’t stop. You will pass the place and then think about how you forgot about it all, love.

Song of the day: Freedun by M.I.A. ft. ZAYN (the ZAYN’s part on this song is amazayn, seriously!)

QOTD: Life is too short to not move on.


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