The People Who Hurt You Are Also The Ones That Teach You

Not all people are supposed to leave a mark on your life. Some people do it anyway, by changing your very perspective upon life. And it’s okay only if it makes you realize the truth about life in a good way. Some people in your life are allowed to stay. Some people are just lessons. Don’t let each and everyone who comes in your life affect it in an undetermined course of events.

Some people stay as a throbbing pain behind the solar plexus*. The lessons always come with pain. True cliché (perhaps because clichés are clichés for a reason) – no pain, no gain. The hurt turns into strength sooner or later. The tears turn into a smile of content, and the tragic days become a part of your struggle to reach to a place where you dreamt.

If I told you that you will forget it like it never happened, it would be a lie and a false hope – two things that I hate the most. But I can say that it will become blurry as if your mind is a window stained with fog.

Your life is not made up of your mistakes. It is made up of what you learned by those mistakes. All of us regret something or other in our lives and most of times it’s trusting the wrong people, and/or falling in love with them. Right people never need a right time. They are the ones that make every wrong thing right. Wrong people do it too but they won’t ever give you true promises of a bright future together. They are like a firework that will disappear when it’s driving force is finished off. Once you get hurt by a fire, you always are careful with anything that involves fire and that’s the same with people. The wrong people teach you a very important and simple lesson in placing your time and energy in the right direction by choosing the right people. Wrong people teach you the importance of love, trust and faith. Wrong people teach you the wrongness in people and what’s right. Wrong people teach you how to be strong in life. Wrong people teach us the value of finding good things in everybody. Wrong people teach you the way you are never supposed to be. Wrong people teach you how to say no. Wrong people teach you to escape. Wrong people test your beliefs and show you their strength. Wrong people make you see your strengths.

At the end, the people who hurt you are also the ones who teach you the most important lessons of life. Nobody is perfect in this world and we all make mistakes in trusting people. Wrong people are the ones that lead you to the right people, or better still – to yourself.

Finding yourself is a difficult process – a struggle through belief in a lot of people thinking that they could complete you somehow, when nobody can. And until you realize this, you’re going to have to take your own chances with people so that before finding your half, you don’t lose the other one.

Dare to trust them. Be strong throughout. And if they turn out to be wrong, it’s their loss because they lost a beautiful soul who would’ve been there for them. And you? You merely lost someone who wouldn’t have cared for you! Be brave, my dear.

If there would’ve been no wrong, how could we ever know right?

*what can I say? John Green is my idol.

Song of the day: Thief by Ansel Elgort

QOTD: And you can be anything you want – a drizzle or a hurricane, bravely.

Ash x


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