A Haven Of Terror


The beautiful city, studded with diamond lights. It stands tall and proud. It t is passionate. It is the epitome of freedom, archetype of sin yet lies in the eyes of people breathing wonder, who believe in it. Its veins run under the blue sky filled with wonder and admiration. Las Vegas is a dream of millions. It is enchanting. It is the name all know. It is the name the twisted mouths utter in amazement and the innocent ones utter in astonishment. Las Vegas is curiosity. Las Vegas is like no other. Las Vegas is filled with air of love and mischief and impressions. It changes its spirit. Sometimes it the rush of two strangers in love and the other times it a bet lost and won. Las Vegas makes people dance on their toes and lose themselves in its drunkenness. This place is unique. People forget when they’re in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a cure, a laugh, deep running wishes. It strives on the ambitious spirits of the world and holds in it so many fantasies and desires. It fills them. It feeds them.

Las Vegas is the home of everybody and nobody.


Las Vegas is chaos. Las Vegas is destruction, fear, terror, bodies lying on the ground with neon concert bands on their wrists. Humans lying waste, tears. Las Vegas is suddenly screams and the gunshots that sounded like fireworks and the cruelty. Las Vegas is also glassy eyes lying open and dreams crushed halfway. I am joy and happiness held by the neck and strangled. It is blaring lights of help. It is confusion. It is the concert lights that blurred. It is a gun and death. Las Vegas is an outrage and shock and heartbreaks. The liveliness of millions dead for Vegas. It is no longer the dream of millions. It is just a pile of people and pool of blood. The city is full of rest in peace messages. It is also the phone calls that were not answered and so many funerals. It is distrust. Still the same yet not.

This is a repercussion. This is just a person who had no name until Las Vegas became something it was not meant to be. Las Vegas is not the first time. Las Vegas is a test of tolerance. Las Vegas is silent because it is not alive. You are tongue-tied because you are. This silence is certainly not making sure it is the last time.

Are we only going to Pray For Las Vegas or are we going to put an end to this terror?

LAS VEGAS is inhumane. Are we too?

Song of the day: Blood, Sweat and Tears by BTS (Bangtan Boys) the mv of this is super cool.

QOTD: The question we must ask ourselves is that are we and our tolerance the reasons for inhumanity?

Ash x


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