My Father Taught Me To Spell ‘Daughter’

Memories have always been important to me, yet, I don’t remember the major portion of my childhood. It is quite weird. I remember me getting hurt for the first time but I don’t remember any photos of mine from the huge and bulky dusty photo albums being taken. I remember quite little things, different than those captured. I remember me wearing my mother’s spectacles when she lovingly dressed me up as a doctor for the fancy dress. I remember visiting Ashtavinayak, a religious pilgrim of Lord Ganesha and almost what the Mecca is to Muslims to Maharashtrians, with my family and how my father lifted me up to climb the steep steps to make me feel happy that I came first among all. My memories are these paint colors splattered across the canvas of my life – jumbled, disguised, hidden, prominent, overwhelming all at once.

But there is this one memory I remember quite clearly and I’m very fond of. It is profoundly special to me. One post-summer evening, very many years ago, me, my father and my mother went to the market on our motorcycle. I used to sit right at the front. When we arrived at one particular shop, I didn’t want to go with my mother to buy whatever we wanted to. So I stayed sitting on the motorcycle while my mother went in to purchase it. My father had developed a little game for me – it was spelling the word he asked me to. It was a very much perfect game for a little girl like me. That day, it was a beautiful day. We were on the motorcycle parked under a tree. The tiny leaves of the trees were falling, gradually. Suddenly my father asked me to spell daughter. I, like the most natural response for a child, replied “D-O-T-E-R”. My father laughed and spelled it correctly for me.

In January 2016, I appeared for the International English Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation. I achieved 58 marks out of 60. I came third at international level and won a bronze medal to decorate the wall of my home for life. All I could think that day was how my father had taught me to spell ‘daughter’ and how that day his daughter was an international rank holder in the English.

Song of The Day: Paper Houses by Niall Horan

QOTD: Luck is for losers. – John Green

Ash x


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